Common Areas Asbestos is Found in Homes

Dave/ June 21, 2018

Common areas where asbestos can be found in the home include but are not limited to: Roof felt and shingles, loose, blown-in insulation, light fixture backing, roof gutters, artificial fireplace logs and ashes, acoustic tiles, deck under-sheeting, asbestos pad under the fireplace hearth, pipe insulation, main panel and fuse box, door and gasket covers, backing behind recessed lighting, boiler and

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Should I Test My Prospective House for Asbestos Before I Buy?

Dave/ June 18, 2018

I find that most home buyers do not test for asbestos as part of their due diligence when buying a house and here is why. If you are buying a house older than 1980, you can assume it probably contains at least some asbestos. If you are not planning a renovation, your risks of exposure are generally low, though there

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Happy Fathers Day 2018

Dave/ June 14, 2018

Happy Fathers Day from Green Ready. Take a look at some fun things to do below! All Weekend Long $50 Gift Card for $40: Dad’s Month Specials at Birds Barbershop in the Heights| Daily –Snag a $50 gift card, plus a hat or t-shirt, for just $40 for Birds Barbershop in the Heights, now through Saturday, July 1, 2018. Simply stop

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Kristina/ May 11, 2017

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